Cacique Gold Mineria Ibague, Colombia
Cacique Gold Mineria Ibague, Colombia
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Two companies that were developed in the merger of Cacique Gold & Gold Mineral Group S.A.S. Focusing on making profitable, and an orderly and comprehensive systematic management instrument. Consolidating in programs, and execution of mining projects; highlighting the importance of implementing clean and responsible mining.

Cacique Gold

Why us?

Why we?

We are a recapitulation and representation of the company's philosophy; focused on strategic guidelines; that will allow us to position ourselves in the national and international market, in compliance with the achievement of the objectives. Generating confidence to visitors in our company.

Why contract with Cacique Gold and not another company?

The company begins to consolidate in the international market, selecting the companies that meet the standards in the contracting and investment; that will be the basis of business success, and the entrepreneurship of the company, establishing itself as one of the top.

Why is Cacique Gold important?

The company is a private entity, whose purpose is to provide services, which are offered in the mining market; it has an organization dedicated to the use of an economic activity, which constitutes the focus of decisions; in order to support the small mining sector, providing social service to the communities.

Cacique Gold

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